Solo Works


Barrenhome (2019), solo multi-percussion, 11:00.

Commissioned and premiered by Jonny Smith in Toronto.


Bone Clock Skylark (2019), solo guitar, 6:00.

Commissioned by Emmanuel Jacob Lacopo.

cetus skipper (2022), solo prepared piano, 4:00.

Commissioned by Geoffrey Conquer.

from shallows, fall into deep sky (2020), solo pipe organ, 7:00.

Commissioned by Esther-Ruth Teel.

my head, the kaleidoscope of butterflies (2021), solo piano, 8:30.

Composed as LAMP composer in residence

WAR (2017), miniature for solo clarinet, 2:00.

Instrumental Chamber Music


Adrift In Marsh (2016), percussion quartet, 5:00.


Bodies (2017-18), for violin and piano, 5:00.


breath inside a grain of sand (2019), for chamber ensemble, 10:00.

Premiered at the Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance, conducted by Gavin Fraser.


Garmonboziac (2017), for piano trio, 6:00.

Composed for the Tuckamore Chamber Music Festival. Second Place Winner, Land’s End Competition.


[lacri[mosa]ic] (2018), for oboe and piano, 6:00.

Commissioned and premiered by Taylor Saathof and Poppy Kipfer in Montreal.

like years, like seconds (2021), for violin and piano, 6:00

Commissioned and premiered by Jonathan Crow for Toronto Summer Music.

Orison (2016), piano trio, 8:30.

Composed for and premiered at Tuckamore.


Particle To Particle (2017), for percussionist and string quartet, 7:00.

Premiered at the Newfound Music Festival.


SnakeSkin (2016), for violin and piano, 5:30.

Premiered by Edward Dai and Christopher Gaudreault at MASC in Montreal.


This Undying Machine (2017), for chamber ensemble, 7:30.

Premiered by Doug Stewart, Tristan Durie, TorQ and the Iris Ensemble at LAMP.


topiarylife (2018), for piano trio, 8:00.

Commissioned by LAMP, and premiered by Mark Fewer, Adrian Brendel, and Walter Delahunt.


UMAGNOLIA (string quartet no. 1) (2017), 25:00.

Commissioned by LAMP for Canada 150, premiered by the Iris Ensemble.


Untether Me (2015), suite for cello and piano, 12:00.

Commissioned by Julian Schwarz and Marika Bournaki, premiered at Bargemusic’s Here and

Now Festival 2017 in New York City.


winnow it terse (2020), for twelve saxophones, 6:00.

Composed for the U of T Saxophone Ensemble as composer in residence.


Vocal Music


Birth (2014-15), for eight a cappella voices, 5:30.

Commissioned and premiered by MUNkappelli.


H(e)aven (2017), for double choir, 7:30.

Premiere conducted by Ian Bannerman and performed by members of Pro Coro in Edmonton.


In Flower Bloom My Mistrust (2018), for self-accompanied soprano, 5:00.

Premiered via livestream by Rachel Fenlon May 5th, 2020, in Berlin.


Into My Own (2018), for baritone singer and string quartet, 9:00.

Commissioned by baritone Parker Clements, and performed in London, ON. Third Prize Winner

of the Godfrey Ridout SOCAN Award (2018).


Last Night We Danced on Coarse Sand (2018), for baritone, chamber ensemble, 7:30.

Premiered at LAMP.

MY GOD?! (2018-19), mini chamber opera, 10:00.

Premiered at the University of Toronto New Music Festival.

Penelope - in First person (2021), chamber opera, 15:00.

Commisioned by LAMP. Premiered by Barbara Hannigan, Magali Simard-Galdès, Drew Santini, and EQ

SHARED ISOLATION: I. Fly above the shuttered world (2020), art song, 4:30.

In collaboration with mezzo-soprano Nicole Percifield and pianist Geoffrey Conquer. Supported by the

University of Toronto's COVID-19 Student Engagement Award.

SHARED ISOLATION: II. wingsprained (2021), art song, 5:00.

In collaboration with mezzo-soprano Nicole Percifield and pianist Geoffrey Conquer.

Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.

SHARED ISOLATION: III. awake my dawn, my fair one (2022), art song, 6:45.

Supported by the University of Toronto.

Spirals (2015), for solo baritone vocalist, live electronics and film, 9:44.

Premiered by Gavin Fraser in St. John’s, NL.


The New Tide (2016), for mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble, 7:00.

Premiered by Christianne Belanger and members of Symphony Nova Scotia. (2018), for soprano, flute and cello, 4:00.

Premiered by Julia Barber, Tristan Durie, and Julia Kim in Toronto.


Large Ensemble


Between The Sea and Rhyl (2017-18), for wind orchestra, 12:30.

Premiered by the McGill Wind Orchestra during residency in Montreal.


Into Alma (2015), prelude for string orchestra, 2:50.

Read by the MUN Chamber Orchestra.

Leviathans (in progress), monodrama for baritone, chamber orchestra and electronics

lost in bethany woods (2020), prelude for full orchestra, 4:00.

Maid & Master: The Massey Murder – Scenes I-IV (2019-20), opera, 15:00.

Premiered by the U of T Opera Department with chamber orchestra.

Spear (2016), for wind ensemble, 5:00.


Works with Electronics


Death of Invictus (2013-14), 2 movement electroacoustic piece, 7:47.


DEMONS (2019), audiovisual electroacoustic miniature, 1:50.

Is it Over Yet? (2021-22), for soprano, orator, and live electronics, 17:00

Collaboration with soprano Rhian Merritt and poet Kira Moolman. Supported by the University of Toronto's COVID-19 Student Engagement Award.

let us go better (2021) for voice, fixed electronics and film, 6:00.

Performed by Gavin Fraser, premiered at the U of T New Music Festival.


STRAND – Atlantic (2019), audiovisual electroacoustic piece, 5:27.


To Wake in Water (2015), performed on programmed midi controller, 6:10.



Film Scores

(partial list)

The Human Limit (feature length) - directed by Chelsea Comeau (2022)

Peace By Chocolate (documentary) - directed by Gavin Fraser (2016)

Caley (short) - directed by Taylor Olson (2016)

Underneath the Makeup, There's Me (short) - directed by Chris Fudge (2016)

Ransom (short) - directed by Chris Fudge (2016)


Daddy (short) - directed by Chelsea Comeau (2015)

World Oceans Day Antigonish (documentary short) - directed by Gavin Fraser (2014)


'Lypse (short) - directed by Gavin Fraser (2014)


Your Lypse Against Mine (short) - directed by Gavin Fraser (2013)

TPN (short) - directed by Stefano Dodaro and Gavin Fraser (2011)

Group of musicians on stage after the premiere of the opera!

Maid & Master: The Massey Murder (2020)

Rehearsal with Gavin Fraser conducting a chamber group of musicians

Gavin conducting the dress rehearsal at LAMP for

breath inside a grain of sand (June 2019)

Canada Day Premiere.jpg

Premiere of UMAGNOLIA (string quartet no. 1) by the Iris Ensemble for LAMP's 150 Canada Day Concert (2017)

Gavin Fraser in costume filming a short film

Gavin filming a scene for Spirals (2015) in costume.

Gavin Fraser singing while performing live electronics

Gavin performing vocals and live electronics for Spirals

in D.F. Cook Recital Hall, St. John's (April 2015)