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Between The Sea and Rhyl (2017-18), for wind orchestra, 12:30.

Premiered by the McGill Wind Orchestra during residency in Montreal.

for dappled things (2023), for full orchestra, 6:00.

3(3.picc.)223(3.contra.) 2230 timp strings (Beethoven's 5th instrumentation)

Commissioned and premiered by the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra

Leviathans (in progress), monodrama for baritone, full orchestra and electronics

2(dbl. picc.) 2(dbl. 2(dbl. bass cl.) 2(dbl. contra) 2110 2perc harp strings

Maid & Master: The Massey Murder – Scenes I-IV (2019-20), opera, 15:00.

Premiered by the U of T Opera Department with chamber orchestra.

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