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Death of Invictus (2013-14), 2 movement electroacoustic piece, 7:47.


DEMONS (2019), audiovisual electroacoustic miniature, 1:50.

Is it Over Yet? (2021-22), for soprano, orator, and live electronics, 17:00

Collaboration with soprano Rhian Merritt and poet Kira Moolman. Supported by

the University of Toronto's COVID-19 Student Engagement Award.

let us go better (2021) for voice, fixed electronics and film, 6:00.

Performed by Gavin Fraser, premiered at the U of T New Music Festival. 1st place winner

in the Electroacoustic category for the SOCAN Foundation Young Composer Awards


STRAND – Atlantic (2019), audiovisual electroacoustic piece, 5:27.

To Wake in Water (2015), performed on programmed midi controller, 6:10.

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