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Adrift In Marsh (2016), percussion quartet, 5:00.


Bodies (2017-18), for violin and piano, 5:00.

breath inside a grain of sand (2019), for chamber ensemble, 10:00.

Premiered at the Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance, conducted by Gavin Fraser.


Garmonboziac (2017), for piano trio, 6:00.

Composed for the Tuckamore Chamber Music Festival. Second Place Winner, Land’s End Competition.

[lacri[mosa]ic] (2018), for oboe and piano, 6:00.

Commissioned and premiered by Violet Saathof and Poppy Kipfer in Montreal.

like years, like seconds (2021), for violin and piano, 6:00

Commissioned and premiered by Jonathan Crow for Toronto Summer Music.

Orison (2016), piano trio, 8:30.

Composed for and premiered at Tuckamore.


Particle To Particle (2017), for percussionist and string quartet, 7:00.

Premiered at the Newfound Music Festival.


SnakeSkin (2016), for violin and piano, 5:30.

Premiered by Edward Dai and Christopher Gaudreault at MASC in Montreal.


This Undying Machine (2017), for chamber ensemble, 7:30.

Premiered by Doug Stewart, Tristan Durie, TorQ and the Iris Ensemble at LAMP.


topiarylife (2018), for piano trio, 8:00.

Commissioned by LAMP, and premiered by Mark Fewer, Adrian Brendel, and Walter Delahunt.

UMAGNOLIA (string quartet no. 1) (2017), 25:00.

Commissioned by LAMP for Canada 150, premiered by the Iris Ensemble.

Untether Me (2015), suite for cello and piano, 12:00.

Commissioned by Julian Schwarz and Marika Bournaki, premiered at Bargemusic’s

Here and Now Festival 2017 in New York City.

winnow it terse (2020), for twelve saxophones, 6:00.

Composed for the U of T Saxophone Ensemble as composer in residence.

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